Engineer Neil G. Pansey Discusses Fuel Efficient Cars and Ripple Effect Benefits

August 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Neil G. Pansey recommends fuel efficient cars for a variety of reasons. From the perspective of an engineer in a public electric company, Neil G. Pansey is perhaps more keenly aware than many as to how crucial it is to reduce power demand.

Reducing power demands can be accomplished by engineers like Neil G. Pansey who design and redesign more efficient power systems and machines. Neil G. Pansey also believes that consumers can make a positive difference as well, simply by choosing to buy products such as fuel-efficient cars.

What the individual consumer looks at when buying a fuel efficient car is mainly the savings that purchase will bring with respect to spending less on gas money, says Neil G. Pansey. While that’s very true, with cars like the 2008 smart fortwo delivering 40 miles per gallon on the highway, admits Neil G. Pansey, that’s certainly no longer the only advantage of fuel efficiency.

With less fuel being used, there’s less pollution emitted, Neil G. Pansey points out. Lower emissions of carbon dioxide means less smog in our cities, which in turn, says Neil G. Pansey, can result in a healthier population. Less pollution translates to better general health, which may result in less strain on health care systems, believes Neil G. Pansey. Better general health, continues Neil G. Pansey, can even affect the nation’s bottom line and productivity through less sick leave.

Even personal vacation time (and thus mental health) can be benefited if this country’s drivers drove fuel efficient cars, Neil G. Pansey asserts. The overall better health plus extra cash through gas savings already noted means that long-distance car travel could be afforded and enjoyed by more people, says Neil G. Pansey.

Neil G. Pansey admits that this scenario of benefits linked back to one lifestyle modification is obviously simplistic. On the other hand, says Neil G. Pansey, individual choices and actions are known to have ripple effects. Thus, as more individuals choose green products, such as fuel efficient cars, Neil G. Pansey believes that the beneficial effects on the environment will change from ripple to tidal wave proportions.


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